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Dick Costolo: The power of Twitter as a communication tool

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, talks about the power of Twitter as a communication tool. November, 2012. This event was co-sponsored by the Ford School and the School of Information.


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Thumbnail for: Ann Arbor 2014 Mayoral Candidates Town Hall


Ann Arbor 2014 Mayoral Ca...
The students of Ford School's Public Policy 456/756 class along with their instructor and current Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje host a mayoral candidat...

Thumbnail for: Elisabeth Gerber: Metropolitan areas, regionalism, and the politics of intergovernmental cooperation


Elisabeth Gerber: Metropo...
Elizabeth Gerber presents the 2014 Jack L. Walker, Jr. Lecture discussing intergovernmental cooperation and regionalism. April, 2014.

Thumbnail for: Rebecca Blank: Inequality in Amercia


Rebecca Blank: Inequality...
Rebecca Blank investigates the problem of rising economic inequality in the United States and the various options for addressing it. April, 2014.

Thumbnail for: Christina Romer: The aftermath of financial crises: It doesn't have to be that bad


Christina Romer: The afte...
Christina Romer examines financial crises of the past and explains implications for what Europe and other areas should do today, and for what policies...

Thumbnail for: Kevyn Orr: The future of Detroit urban governance


Kevyn Orr: The future of ...
Kevyn Orr talks about his experiences as Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit. March, 2014.